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Share Market for Complete Beginners | Day - 0

To Learn Stock Market from Zero Level click here    Day - 1 >> Thought process to get into Stock Market. Question: What is the most important thing in one's life? Answer: To be honest I don't know, but what I know is that money is the resource which solves almost all the problems in our life.  So I want to earn a huge amount of money. Money is not everything but in shortage of money we miss so many good opportunities in our real life. As Warren Buffet says: "Money is not everything" make sure you earn a lot before making such nonsense. You may want to: buy  big  homes & Imported cars, live a luxurious life, suitable life partner, build up muscles, take care of your parents & family, educate your kids in big school, get respect in society, get attention from relatives and friends, travel across the world. These everything one can get through money. Even for peace if you want to go to the Himalaya, Flight ticket price will make you thi

How To Learn Stock Market From Zero Level | Day - 7

To Learn Stock Market From Very Beginning click here :    Day - 1 >> How to start buy/sell shares/stocks? Open an Account with any Stock Broker such as  Zerodha  or  Upstox or  any based on your own choice . On YouTube plenty of videos are there to help you for that.       Once the broker processed your application form, after the approval they will provide you a link through which you can generate password & Pin in  Kite  application. Here Kite is the platform provided by Zerodha through which we can buy/sell the stocks/shares. If you open account with different broker then interface of Application may be different but  the way stock operation works will remain same irrespective of brokers. So we need to get aware about some basic terminology used while buying/selling shares. Let's start from scratch level. Once you have installed the Kite App in your device and have set the password and pin then below are the steps you have to go through to buy