How To Learn Stock Market From Zero Level | Day - 7

To Learn Stock Market From Very Beginning click here :  Day - 1 >>
How to start buy/sell shares/stocks?
Open an Account with any Stock Broker such as Zerodha or Upstox or any based on your own choice. On YouTube plenty of videos are there to help you for that.
Once the broker processed your application form, after the approval they will provide you a link through which you can generate password & Pin in Kite application.

Here Kite is the platform provided by Zerodha through which we can buy/sell the stocks/shares.

If you open account with different broker then interface of Application may be different but  the way stock operation works will remain same irrespective of brokers.

So we need to get aware about some basic terminology used while buying/selling shares.

Let's start from scratch level.

Once you have installed the Kite App in your device and have set the password and pin then below are the steps you have to go through to buy the shares/stocks.

After opening the Kite App in your Mobile you will get below screen.

Here you can see your Name, below the name it will show your ID.

Below the ID you are asked to enter the password (that you have set earlier) in the empty box. This is one time process until your phone is not logged out.

After entering the password hit the Login button.
After hitting the Login button you will get the below screen.
You are asked to enter the Pin that you have set earlier. After entering the pin hit the enter button of your phone.

It will ask you to enter the pin every time you try to open this App.

Zerodha also provides Finger Print Facility, you need to enable it.
After entering the pin or using Finger Print Access you will get the below screen.
Now you are successfully logged in into Kite Application.

It is the market-watch where you can monitor the market by adding the stocks in different watch-list as per your convenience.

Here you get 5 watch-list where you can keep the stocks of your choice to monitor.
In search box add any stock as per your choice such as HDFCBANK.

When you enter correct stock name, it will appear in the list.

To add it to your watch-list hit the "+" button.

Since HDFCBANK is listed in NSE and BSE both so you will get the option to trade with any of exchanges.

For convenience stick with any one either with NSE or BSE but not both.
After hitting "+" button you will get the below screen.
As you can see HDFCBANK has been added to your watchlist (showing one tick at the place of "+" as shown within red circle).

Click the back button (as shown in blue circle) to get back to your watchlist.
Here is the screen after clicking on the back button.
Now HDFCBANK is available in watchlist1.
Now click anywhere in blue squared area to get the buy/sell window.
After clicking you will get the below screen.
click on BUY button to get the options of entering the other values to buy the shares/stocks.
After clicking on BUY button you will get the below screen.
In the next session we will learn the details to be filled before placing the order here in this BUY window.

In Next Session we will learn what are these.

CNC, MIS, Market Order, Limit Order, Stop-Loss Market Order, Stop-Loss Limit Order,

 Bracket Order, Cover Order, Leverage, 


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