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Thought process to get into Stock Market.
Question: What is the most important thing in one's life?
Answer: To be honest I don't know, but what I know is that money is the resource which solves almost all the problems in our life. 

So I want to earn a huge amount of money. Money is not everything but in shortage of money we miss so many good opportunities in our real life.

As Warren Buffet says: "Money is not everything" make sure you earn a lot before making such nonsense.

You may want to: buy 
big homes & Imported cars, live a luxurious life, suitable life partner, build up muscles, take care of your parents & family, educate your kids in big school, get respect in society, get attention from relatives and friends, travel across the world. These everything one can get through money.

Even for peace if you want to go to the Himalaya, Flight ticket price will make you think of money for a few minutes if you have shortage of money.

Even for finding true love you need to travel a lot across the world that again demands money and you need to get exposure of plenty of personalities then you may come to know who can be your true soulmate.

If you are a spiritual kind of person who is not much materialistic, I will suggest them too to learn the money making skill and help the poor around you if you are really capable person to learn this skill that an average person can't.

The essence is one or the other way money always plays a pivotal role in every spheres of our lives, so we can't ignore the importance of money.

Money is not everything but we need money to get almost anything.

Question : How to earn huge amount of money?

Answer : It is self proved that without business no one can make an impressive amount of money. We can never find an employee among the list of richest person at any scale.

Question : I have an interest in technology but I have no idea from where  to bring that much money to start my own venture. I am ready to dedicate myself fully to get into some businesses that can return me the handsome profit. How should I proceed further?

Answer : Yes that's true, I have come across many such people who have the courage to take risks in their lives but they are unable to start their own venture just because of a shortage of money, infrastructure, business partner. 

Few of them have an interest in real estate while others are passionate about automobiles and many others are impressed from the medicine businesses. 

I would like to introduce you the concept of Stock Market Investing that's gonna fulfill your dreams.

Investing is the biggest umbrella through which you can supervise all the businesses over this globe and reward/punish them by buying/selling the shares of a particular company. 

As a big business man when you buy the shares in bulk price of share will rise so impression of company will be good in public eye so future prospects of company will grow.

It's very simple concept of Demand & Supply. When there is more demand of particular item in market price of that item will rise while it falls when supply increases. 

Benefits of Stock Market Investing Business.
  1.  We don't need to set up any infrastructure.
  2. We can start with any amount even with Rs 100 or smaller.
  3. Whenever you want you can exit and shut down you business.
  4. We can do business in any or many or all sectors such as medicine, technology, automobile, textiles, real-estate, e-commerce, health care, energy etc.
  5. We can do businesses anywhere across the world.
  6. This is a skill where if we earn by working in some financial company or independently this skill will help us build up the wealth even when you are 80 years old. So this skill is never a waste.
  7. It's a skill which every entrepreneur should learn. When you delve deeper you will come to know that even Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are basically investors. Currently Amitabh Bachchan's net worth is $400m but he made a wrong investment decision otherwise it could have been $1100m.
  8. Our Benefit will be directly proportional to our effort put in the direction of Study & Research. So better the analyst we are better we can earn.
  9. No need to stay in the same city. You can tackle you businesses from anywhere.
  10. Expansion cost is Nil.
  11. Art which you can keep learning till your last breath. Since there is no end. 
  1. If you try to become hero with knowledge zero then sooner you will be swept away from the market. This is actually a long term procedure where you can compound your wealth with compounding your investing knowledge. 
Question : Why are you putting that much effort to convince me to get into the stock market investing. If this is so good then why others are not involved in it?

Answer : Can you compare the struggle of an uneducated person (who can't use an android mobile) standing in a queue to get the reserved ticket at railway counter with the ease educated person books the same ticket online within fraction of second?

Try to introduce the way to get ticket online to a person who can do it but have not done it earlier, trust me still he will prefer to stand in queue instead of listening you suggestion. 

The essence is, the person who uses the stuff he only knows the importance and scope of that stuff while others find it very difficult even if in reality it's so easy to operate and can make your life easy.

In general most of the people tend to get away from stock market just because they are un-aware of it's benefits.

A little effort to understand the concepts of stock market and it's jargon would make them comfortable to start a career in this field.

Now coming to the second part of the question.

Below are some noteworthy reasons that justify.
  1. Since in our schooling there is no proper introduction of scope & importance of stock market concept, So most people remained unaware about this. In india mostly are engaged in becoming an engineer and doctor.
  2. When few people get into this field, their intention is to get rich overnight, in that greed they lose money and they demotivate others. Now it's obvious that on the very first day if you attack 10-12 years experienced player in any game they you know the consequences. Since there is unlimited scope in this field so before getting actual entry in the game you need to educate yourself first.
Question : Any warning before getting mentally prepared to get into stock market?
Answer : Yes.
In short term stock market operation  i.e. trading where people buy and sell the shares sooner just to book the profit, by doing so you are not actually participating in companies business but simply you are trying to play some trick to make money.

Till now no traders have reached the height even closer to Warren Buffet who never preferred the trading practice.

You have to invest money for a very long period of time then only you can create good wealth.

For Investment the must to do thing is : Study

So if you are not ready to get into the habit of studying then no use of trying to get into this field . This is the only field which can return you the profit in the proportion of your effort on Study & Research.

Warren Buffet reads 500 pages a day and there is nothing so surprise in that. One average person reads out the whole romantic novel in a single day. So the point is the day you start taking interest in stock market you will find reading material related to stock market as interesting as novel reading.

Question : What are prerequisites?

Answer :  Literally Nothing. 

But there is a list of things to develop within you.
  1. Emotional Discipline.
  2. Reading Habits.
  3. Positive Thinking.
Important Message:

Never work just for salary, work where you can learn the money making skills and salary as well. If you have learnt a good skill to make money which is much more in comparison to your salary then you can think of to quit the job and work independently where you can have flexibility in work timings and enough time for your family, kids & friends.

I have seen working professionals struggling to manage time and compromising with their self respect in begging for the leave even for taking their parents to hospitals for emergency treatment, wife for shopping and kids for enjoyment. They don't get enough time to spend with their kids for whom he earns.

While being in job almost everyday when you evaluate your life you will find that your job is not for you & your family but you & your family is for the job. It makes us feel that you are born to serve a company.

Moreover when you are in a software jobs most of the time you are stuck on a computer system that can damage your eyes, brain, mental & physical health permanently. Here you lose the real connect with the real world.

On the other hand economy is broader picture where you will think of politics, psychology of people, global economy, personal mental health, discipline, different sectors of businesses. So undoubtedly it will make you a bigger person.

If you feel your time to do adventure is gone then educate your kids in investing direction. No matter from which domain or career field you are but as long as money is the concern in your life investing should remain a big concern.

Summary: There are two ways to live the life one is spiritual another is materialistic. For materialistic life money is needed at every stage in our life, think precisely about all the problems running in your life, money can solve 99.99% problem. It is well known to everyone that without business no body can earn more than enough money. Investing is the  business that gives us opportunity to do all the possible businesses across the globe. So let's learn Investing.

Are you ready to get into stock market?
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