Rules to be followed in Intraday Trading.

Consider Stock Market as a Money Losing Machine but not as a Money Making Machine. It means you should be much concerned about protecting your money while doing intraday trading. If you try to stay in market with the intention not to lose, in long run you will learn too many things and later you will start earning from market. Never deviate from your own designed strategy. No matter how frustrating or rewarding situation seems you should not deviate from your own strategy that you have designed based on your trading experience. Yea you may update your strategy if your find something better during your trading experience. Never forget to use stop loss . If you use stop loss it’s guaranteed that you will never lose huge money. Stock market is not about making money but it’s about being in the market without losing money. Trade in winning situation. Trade only when you find your strategy fits suitable in market condition. You don’t have to trade daily and every time. 

How To Learn Stock Market From Zero Level | Day - 7

To Learn Stock Market From Very Beginning click here :    Day - 1 >> How to start buy/sell shares/stocks? Open an Account with any Stock Broker such as  Zerodha  or  Upstox or  any based on your own choice . On YouTube plenty of videos are there to help you for that.       Once the broker processed your application form, after the approval they will provide you a link through which you can generate password & Pin in  Kite  application. Here Kite is the platform provided by Zerodha through which we can buy/sell the stocks/shares. If you open account with different broker then interface of Application may be different but  the way stock operation works will remain same irrespective of brokers. So we need to get aware about some basic terminology used while buying/selling shares. Let's start from scratch level. Once you have installed the Kite App in your device and have set the password and pin then below are the steps you have to go through to buy