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Jargon of  Stock Market.

Company's Capital.
Share. Stock. Equity. Security.
Investor. Investing.
Cash Reserve.

Primary Market.
Stock Exchange.
Stock Market.
Secondary Market.
NSE(National Stock Exchange)
BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange)
Demat & Trading Account.
Stock Exchange. NSE. BSE

Trading Account.
Demat Account.
Stock Broker.

Entry vs Exit.
Intraday Traders.
Market Participants.
Swing Traders.
Technical Analysis.
Technical Indicator.
Technical Analyst.

Fundamental Analysis.
Price Vs Value.
Valuation, Undervalued, Overvalued.
Sentiment Noise.
Value Investing.
Annual Report.
Red Herring Prospectus.
Financial Newspaper.
Portfolio | Portfolio Manager.
Sensex | Nifty | Stock Market Index

Stop Loss.
Bull Market & Bear Market. 
Growth Investing.

Paper Trading.
 Contrary Investors.
 Short Position & Long Position.
 Support & Resistance.
 Zerodha Kite.
 Brokerage Charge.
 Option & Futures.
 Mutual Fund.
 Call & Put Options.
 Real Estate.
 Commodities & Commodity Market.
 Balance Sheet.
 Financial Statement.
 TopLine & Bottom Line.
 Investment Adviser.
 Relationship Manager.
 Equity Research.
 Research Analyst.
 Merchant  Bankers/Lead Managers.
 Investment  Bankers.

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